Guts - Harel Innovation Hub

Client: Harel
Year: 2022
Agency: Firma, Tel Aviv
Media: print, digital
Role: brand design lead

I created a branding for Guts, a hub for creativity and innovation established by one of the largest insurers in Israel, Harel. The chosen route for the brand was called "Bold" because being bold also means having guts. This concept represents creativity, progress, innovation, and thinking outside the box.

To bring this vision to life, we developed a distinct visual language. The typography in the logo is bold, and one letter stands out with its slanted form. The slanted and dynamic forms take center stage in the layouts, conveying a sense of energy and movement. The color scheme features gradients created from Harel's color palette, adding depth and vibrancy to the brand's visual identity.

Another Route I created was called “Open”. Like open space, open minds, open door to the future.
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